School Lunches

All children at Wyndham Park are entitled to a free school meal as part of the government provision for infant age children. We are fortunate to be able to offer either a hot or cold lunch choice to children and they are able to choose on a daily basis. Packed lunches should be collected between 8.15-9.00am from the Sandwich Shack which can be found along the main entrance to the school. Hot school lunches need to be ordered in the classroom each morning so children need to be aware of what they are having to eat.

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There are recipes on this page, plus some information sheets that you may find useful. The recipes have all been compiled with nutririon in mind, and are designed to be quick and easy to make.

On Wednesday mornings since September 2014, during the Autumn and Spring term, there have been free food samples with recipes for anyone who was interested as they came in to school. We hope you have enjoyed them!

We hope you find this web page useful. Please note that the information sheets have been compiled using the most up to date data that has been available, to the best of our knowledge at the present time (2015!).

Happy cooking!



Information sheets