2017-2018 Admissions

Wyndham Park Admission Arrangements 2017 2018

Appendix A Wyndham Rev F Gloss def

Appendix B Wyndham Applic Form

Appendix C Wyndham SIF

Appendix D Catchment area


2018-2019 Admissions

As an academy we are responsible for our own school admissions. This means that we have consulted on and published our own admissions arrangements which can be downloaded below. Wiltshire Council remain responsible for co-ordinating all school places in Wiltshire and so an application for a school place needs to be made to them on their correct forms which can be found on their website. We run open mornings and afternoons during October and November for anybody who is considering applying to our school. Please contact the school office in order to book on one of these visits.

Wyndham Park Admissions Arrangements 2018 19

Appendix A Glossary and Definitions

Appendix B Catchment area



If an application for a school place has been refused, parents have the right to appeal the decision. In our school most appeals occur because we have reached the maximum class size and therefore have no further places to offer. There is a legal class size limit for infant classes of 30 so we therefore cannot exceed this number, regardless of individual circumstances. Please contact the school to find out more about this. If you would still like to appeal the decision, please download the appeal form below and submit it to the school.The appeals timetable below gives further information about how to carry out an appeal against a school admission decision and the timescales of doing so. The allocation summary below gives information about the places that have been allocated for 2016-2017 entry according to the admissions arrangements.

2017 Admissions Appeal Form for Parents

Appeals Timetable 2017 Wyndham Park Infants School

Wyndham Park Infants' School Allocation Summary 2016