Friday, 28 September 2018 00:00

Harvest Celebration

We will be holding our Harvest Celebration on Monday 8th October at 10am at St. Francis Church. We will be having a harvest offering where we are asking children to bring in an item of food for The Trussell Trust. The food bank is in need of the following items: 

Coffee                                     Fruit juice                      Tinned tomatoes                      Instant mash     

Tinned vegetables                    Tinned fish                     Tinned rice pudding                 Sugar              

Pasta sauce                             Breakfast cereal              Tea bags                                Tinned fruit      

Sponge pudding                       UHT milk                       Biscuits/snacks                        Pasta/Rice

All parents and families are invited to join us for the celebration. We are also in need of some helpers to walk down to the church with us. Please speak to your child's class teacher directly if you are able to help us with this.