Our vision is to develop deep learning through everyone’s unique talents; giving each child a rainbow of learning experiences to take them through life.


School aims:

  • To seek out and nurture each child’s individual strengths, skills and interests
  • To inspire and motivate children through engaging and creative teaching
  • To create a safe environment in which children are confident, resilient and able to learn from their mistakes
  • To encourage children to work co-operatively, showing kindness and respect to others
  • To provide a range of learning opportunities to allow children to deepen their knowledge and understanding through a variety of real life contexts
  • To ensure children leave Wyndham Park with a full, broad and balanced education across all areas of the curriculum
  • To give children opportunities to become responsible, honest and trustworthy young people
  • To work alongside parents, carers, SRET and the wider community to help each child grow positively


School values: