At Wyndham Park Infants' School, we aim to provide active and exciting learning opportunities that represent our school vision, and build upon our school values –

· Teamwork

· Resilience

· Respect

· Kindness

· Love

Our highly skilled teaching team use outdoor learning to make the curriculum fun and engaging. Staff have taken part in training with the Woodland Trust and there are Outdoor Learning Leaders in every year group. Each year group has timetabled opportunities to learn outdoors and develop skills across the National Curriculum, alongside learning forest school skills, such as den building, knotting, and fire safety.

This approach allows children to enjoy nature and enjoy active, hands-on learning in our specially designed grounds. Developing forest school skills provides a unique way of building independence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning in children and young people as they explore and experience the natural world for themselves. Valuable life skills are learnt in every session

Forest school

Please see below our forest school leaflet as a helpful reminder regarding clothing, especially as the changeable British weather can cause confusion at the moment!

The health and safety of each child is non-negotiable and we will not take any child or adult in to the conservation area without the correct clothing; whilst your child is at school we will do all that we can to prevent any harm, reduce risk, and focus on great learning opportunities and experiences.

Whatever the time of year, children must wear long trousers that cover the ankle, plus socks that cover the ankle, and wellies, walking boots, or other waterproof footwear that they can put on, or take off, independently. Waterproof coats and trousers are always advisable so they can sit on wet grass, or crawl about the mud looking at insects; these are readily available in different thicknesses to suit your child. 

Similarly, tops must be long-sleeved and cover the wrist, layered for warmth in winter, but thin cotton shirts or jersey tops in summer to protect from the sun, keep arms safe from branches, thorns, and other foliage, as well as guard against insect and tick bites. Collars on tops, or caps with a fabric panel, can help protect necks from being burnt, or stop ticks finding warm places to burrow. On hot, sunny days it can be quite chilly in the shade too...

Hats are a safe option all year round. Long hair must be tied back all year due to investigating amongst the trees, and scrambling about in the bushes! Again, this protects the neck as well as ensuring your child does not get tangled up in any branches as they explore the conservation area.

Sun cream is also advisable if the sun is strong or there are high winds on top of the school field. Please apply this at home.

We hope this helps. If in doubt, check with staff. Children and adults inappropriately dressed will stay indoors to keep them safe.

Happy outdoor learning! Be safe. Stay safe.

Forest School Leaflet 

Forest School in Summer - Essential Kit List

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