Welcome to all our new Reception families! 

 All Reception children will be in school full-time from Monday 13th September. 

Dates coming up (further details to follow) - 

Thursday 14/10/21 or Tuesday 19/10/21 Parent Consultation Evening

Tuesday 23/11/21 Reception Intake 2021 Information Evening - POSTPONED

Friday 26/11/21 Reception Tea and Chat - POSTPONED


Our Reception Team for 2021-22 are -

Ducklings - Mrs L Smith (EYFS Lead & Class Teacher), Miss R Hudson (TA) & Mrs S McDonald (TA)

Cygnets   - Miss H Bateman (Class Teacher), Mrs L Spring (TA) & Mrs S Ward (TA)

Owlets     - Mrs C Beckles (Class Teacher), Ms C Healy (Class Teacher), Mrs H Collyer (TA) & Mrs S McDonald (TA)             

Welcome handbook 2021

New parents information evening powerpoint 


Here are our Top Ten Tips for starting school. We hope you will find them useful.

 1. Reception children don't need to know how to read, write and do maths before they start school but they do need to do things like go to the toilet independently, put on their own uniform, PE Kit, coat and shoes.                                   

2. There may be accidents whilst they get used to the toilets, so pack a spare pair of pants and anything else your child might be likely to need (e.g. wipes) in their PE bags.                                                                                                       

3. Put their names in absolutely everything they bring into school, using name tapes or a permanent marker!                   

4. Practise school lunch situations, opening storage containers, yoghurt tubes, drinks bottles and using a knife and fork.                                                                                                                                   

5. Have at least five school shirts, to save yourself the hassle of midweek washing. Join the Facebook group – Wyndham Park and St Marks – school uniform swapshop to pick up a few spares.                                                           

6. Be positive about school and arrive on time for the best start to the day. As hard as it is leaving them, it’s easier for everyone if parents say goodbye and leave, then cry out of the sight of the children!                                                           

7. Take a snack and a drink when you collect them at the end of the day to avoid hungry and thirsty meltdowns.                      

8. Check their book bags because they will be bringing home letters that they've forgotten all about.                                     

9. Be prepared for an exhausted child for most of the first term: don't plan too many after-school activities.                                 

10. Finally, take a step back and trust the teachers to do their job. Let the children find their own feet and solve their own problems if possible. Your child is developing their own independence. If you are concerned speak with the teacher away from listening ears!                 School clipart                                                                                                                                       

 Starting school tips from other parents