School Lunches

All children at Wyndham Park are entitled to a free school meal as part of the government provision for infant age children. School lunches are ordered on the day by the children at registration.

We offer a nutritious hot meal each day, cooked on site by Mrs Martin and the menu repeats on a three week rotation. There is also a salad bar and a daily range of puddings including cakes, yogurt, fruit, and biscuits for the children to choose from.

You are welcome to send a home packed lunch if you prefer, but please avoid any nut products, crisps, and chocolate or sweets. Many thanks

Please remember we are a NO NUT & NO SESAME SCHOOL.
Nothing containing sesame or nuts eg humous, cereal bars & chocolate spread should be brought into school please.

No Peanuts or SesameFood allergies can kill!


Week beginning Monday 26th September

Monday – Macaroni cheese with ham, OR macaroni cheese with garlic bread

Tuesday – Mini pork or veggie sausages, mashed potatoes, and beans

Wednesday – Beef or veggie burger in a bun, chips, sweetcorn skewers, and sides

Thursday – Sweet chicken and pineapple, OR Quorn and pineapple, with rice

Friday - Fish cakes OR veggie patties, with chunky chips, peas and sweetcorn