Wyndham Park Infants’ School is a founder member of Salisbury’s first multi-academy trust - Somerset Road Education Trust (SRET). In essence, this means we share many of the same values and an over-arching vision and we work very closely with the other two schools on the campus, St Mark’s C of E Junior School and Exeter House Special school.

Indeed, in September 2019 both Wyndham Park and St Mark’s formed a Primary Learning Collaboration – very similar to a federation. This means that we have one headteacher, one governing committee and will eventually have one school leadership team responsible for both schools.

Please read ‘Primary Learning Collaboration Summary’ for more information.

At Wyndham Park we believe every child has the right to learn in a loving environment and work hard to include every child whose parents have chosen to send their children to our school. We offer a one level site with accessibility for wheelchairs to the outside classrooms. We accept children of all abilities and are committed to providing a tailored curriculum. We are also committed to providing for the emotional needs of children.

We have lovely grounds including a conservation area and a beach themed play garden, allotment beds and access to the grounds of the other two schools. We also have a vibrant library brimming with books, which can be used for both music or drama sessions.

We believe in working in partnership with parents and provide many opportunities for parents to be involved. We share a fantastic Parent Support Adviser (Norma Hallett) who is there for just about everything any parent could need – advice, support, reassurance, information, clarifications, a friendly welcome and a first-class cup of coffee. Amongst Norma’s ten years of experience working with families in both Wyndham Park and St Mark’s she runs our unique Shop (affectionately known as Norma’s – six years and counting!) She can be found morning and afternoon across the shop counter or in Hub1 (her office next to the Shop). She also hosts drop-in sessions, runs open day tours and parenting courses.


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