At Wyndham Park we are committed to ensure that all children receive a high quality inclusive education.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the school must be prepared for all eventualities e.g. localised/national lockdowns, closure for cleaning, families self-isolating, long-term illness or injury etc. By providing children with remote learning opportunities we endeavour to ensure that we continue to deliver inclusive opportunities whilst minimising the disruption caused to children’s education.

This policy does not cover for when children are absent through short-term illness e.g. seasonal illness, colds, upset stomachs etc. If a child is too unwell to attend school they are not well enough to continue learning at home.

Nor is this approach designed to ‘fill in gaps’ or ‘catch up’. It is our honest attempt to offer remote teaching and learning in the most uncertain of times.

 PLC Remote Education Policy 2020 21